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Sports Performance


Hypnosis helps with achieving major changes to your sports performance in a fast time scale.

Hypnosis works directly with the subconscious mind, the part of the mind that controls our actions and behaviours, so changes are affected quickly. This is extremely important to sports people who need to achieve “the zone” when competing.

Instead of using our mind to work against us, focusing on our failures, our doubts, the lack of practice or the that fact we didn’t get a full night’s sleep we can turn around these feelings of failure and work on enhancing our success. And we do this by changing how we use our mind when we approach a game. Hypnosis helps with enhancing our self-belief, dealing with how we respond to committing errors, setting goals and maintaining a positive attitude. All this is proven to make significant positive impact on our performance levels.

I have had major success with many sportsmen and women. With golf, archery and many other sports.

So no matter what sport you play, or what level you compete at, Sports hypnosis could help you maximise your potential.

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