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Public Speaking


Does the thought of public speaking leave your legs shaking like jelly? Give you butterflies in your stomach? Does your mouth just dry up and the words just disappear?

Whether you are addressing a small group, giving a wedding speech or a presentation to a large group the feelings are just the same and we can all feel overwhelmed and terrified at the prospect. All of this is because there is a conflict between our subconscious feelings and emotions and our conscious, logical thoughts; and of course the subconscious wins out every time!

Each person’s fear of public speaking is unique to them however they all have in common is a source of the anxiety. This anxiety is generated by your subconscious, in a vain attempt to “protect” you from public embarrassment and the possible judgement and criticism of the audience. Even though you may understand at a conscious level that there is nothing to fear and the audience will be supportive, it makes no difference to how you feel. This is exactly why hypnosis is such a powerful way to deal with this issue.

The good news is that hypnotherapy can help you by dealing with the root cause of your fear. Hypnosis enables you to make the required changes at a subconscious level, to deal with your fears and anxieties and then build on your confidence. Thus helping you remain calm and relaxed so you can in fact deliver that speech!

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