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Pain Ask anyone who experiences chronic pain, and they will tell you that what they are feeling is very real – in fact, you can usually tell someone who is in pain just by looking at them. It affects their whole physical existence. Medication is used and blocks the ability of the body to feel pain for a brief period, however hypnosis can actually lower the intensity of the pain as well as the number of pain events and it can also remove the pain completely! Now how good does that sound? Hypnosis can help with chronic pain by:

  • Uncovering emotional causes of pain and provide a way to heal them which can lead to a more all round healing.
  • Understanding the secondary gains to why we feel pain and letting go of them.
  • Giving suggestions directly to the subconscious to influence perception of pain. This means that even though the pain is still there you can turn it down to a manageable level so that you are in control, even to a place where it appears to have gone completely!

Hypnotherapy for chronic pain is safe and natural. It will immediately provide relaxation benefits and improve sleep; in the longer term it will significantly improve pain levels. However, it is important to be aware that sometimes pain is giving you a message that something is wrong. For chronic pain we find  and work on the emotional cause of the pain. Once you are able to discover the cause, you can then safely deal with the pain.  We never turn the ability to feel pain off completely as we do not want the body to ignore new symptoms that something may be wrong and needs to be looked at. Read my article here about how my pain was removed completely!  I can’t say I have no pain now as my body still has underlying causes which will often create a new set of pains, however I can say that the feeling of chronic pain that plagued me day and night has gone – to the extent that I have dramatically reduced my opiate pain killers and am feeling so much better and lighter! Call me now so I can help you lead a better life