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excess alcohol

When people come and see me about their alcohol intake, It isn’t always about stopping completely – sometimes it is enough to make more mindful choices about your alcohol consumption.

Many people who I see for this reason come along because they notice that their drinking has become habitual. People talk about needing to have a drink or two to ‘wind down’ at the end of the day, or perhaps have noticed that they are drinking more each day as time goes by.

I also work successfully with people who may find themselves binge drinking and want to change that behaviour.

Whatever it is for you, I’ll find a way to work with you to help you address the habitual elements of your behaviour, but also any underlying emotional issues – like your response to stress, for example – that may be relevant.

I work with people with alcoholism, and who are under medical care and/or in rehabilitation programs. Please contact me directly for more information about this so that we can talk to you about how I may be able to help.