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Hypnosis for depression



Depression effects all people from all walks of life and sometimes it hits when we least expect it.

It can bring on feelings of worthlessness, despair and emptiness inside. As we become more depressed we find that we are less motivated. We don’t want to socialise, eat healthily, exercise and generally take care of ourselves.

Sometimes this can manifest itself in illness or we go to the Doctors and get “happy pills” to dull the pain inside. This masks the symptoms but doesn’t tackle the cause and the pain never goes away.

Depression has many causes, for some people it could be from bereavement of a loved one or pet, a divorce, illness, redundancy or money worries, others may have a chemical imbalance. It may also be caused excessive alcohol or drugs. Sometimes there are no obvious causes.

Hypnotherapy can be used in conjunction with or as an alternative to anti-depressants, however, we do ask all clients suffering from depression that they consult with their GP as medication may also be beneficial.

Hypnotherapy helps get to the root cause, helps to lower levels of stress and anxiety and emphasises good feelings and increases confidence and self-esteem.

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