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Anxiety & Panic

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Anxiety is nothing more than a feeling of apprehension and uncertainty. Believe it or not some anxiety is normal and healthy. Chronic and continuous worry, however, is not. Everyone experiences some anxiety even on a daily basis but when that feeling of constant anxiety is with you and has no apparent cause it can be quite debilitating. For some of us it is mild and manageable, but for some it certainly takes over our lives. It can also cause or produce both physical and psychological problems.

Do you find yourself distracted by your worries? Unable to think about anything else? I expect sometimes you even wake up feeling anxious and never can pinpoint why. Others of us know exactly what makes us feel anxious about and that can worry us even more.

Hypnotherapy helps because as we all know the mind is a very powerful thing. The mind controls all of our thoughts, good and bad. Hypnotherapy allows the hypnotherapist too re-programme your subconscious mind to handle life’s pit holes much more easily, freeing you up to enjoy the better things in life.



Panic attacks are on of the most frightening things you may find yourself experiencing and it is very difficult to explain to someone how it feels unless you have experienced one yourself. The very first panic attack often seems to come completely unexpectedly and surprises the hell out of you! It can even occur whilst you are doing something that you do every day like driving to work, out shopping, or sitting in your favourite bar having a drink. Suddenly you are hit by a barrage of frightening and uncomfortable symptoms. You convince yourself  that something terrible is going to happen to you there and then. Then you find you have subsequent panic attacks, sometimes they too may seem to be unpredictable and random, sometimes you might know the reason why.

Thinking your way out of them doesn’t work. These panic attacks don’t originate in your logical conscious mind. Hypnosis works as it helps us use the part of the mind that does have the capacity to change the way we feel. Our subconscious mind has the capacity to influence the way our nervous system is working and with hypnosis we work directly to access this part of our mind and make changes so we have more normal responses. I can also teach you techniques which you can use if or when you have a panic attack or anxious feelings so that you can use them on yourself.

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